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Solo Creator

Support & updates for 1 website

  • Rockbase WordPress Theme
  • 100+ beautifully optimized patterns
  • 24 color and typography styles
  • Core Rockbase Playbooks (demos, but better)
  • Design assets including graphic templates in Figma and a hand-drawn icon pack
  • Access to the Rockbase creator community
  • Access to future patterns, templates, and Core Rockbase Playbooks.
  • Premium support when you need it

$129 / year

These WordPress creatives are embracing block themes and Full Site Editing with Rockbase. Are you ready?

We were able to have an initial site launch in just 2 weeks!

Rockbase empowers creativity for nontechnical folks that have a clear vision of their end product and cuts time and cost because it gives you the tools you need to do-it-yourself. This theme is shifting the paradigm of websites being scary and costing a fortune!”

Alix Cochran

“I’ve been building with WordPress for 10+ years, and very few tools make it as easy (and truly fun) to design & build websites as Rockbase. What’s more, the founders & community truly care about the product and it’s users. Let’s just say, Rockbase is my new go-to for all current and future projects!

Chris Langille

“Rockbase made it possible for us to create content faster. Our old website required too much custom coding and I was the only person who had those skills, meaning that if I was busy with other work, the new page had to wait.

With our new Rockbase website, all the styling is built in. Any team member can build a page that is aligned with our brand styles—no custom coding skills (and no waiting) required.”

Mindy Peters

Director of Technology, SPI

“Rockbase is the block-based theme I’ve been waiting for. The team behind it understands exactly what a block theme should be, and have created a beautiful set of patterns to make creating a new site fast and enjoyable.”

Dustin Stout

“I’ve been making websites since 1994, and Rockbase makes building a modern, beautiful website easy, simple, and performant. I would recommend Rockbase to anyone building a WordPress website.”

Jason Resnick

Founder of

“It’s never been easier to create a website. It’s also never been harder to actually standout online amidst a rapidly changing and exploding internet. One way to get noticed: build on Rockbase. It’s as fast as anything. And it’s made to deliver a standout web experience.”

Matthew Gartland

Co-founder & CEO of SPI

“I didn’t have a good enough reason to use the blocks editor until Rockbase came around!

I took Rockbase for a spin without reading the instructions just to see how it would feel. I loved it.

This is my first time using this new whole site editing and blocks, and with Rockbase, I’m finding everything to be intuitive, deeply efficient, and full of opportunities to change the way I build websites.

Ryan Clover

“If you haven’t worked with the Rockbase theme yet, it’s everything I’ve wanted in a Full Site Editor theme.

I rebuilt my personal site in less than 3 hours and I’m blown away with how easy it was to work with.”

Tanner Record

“I have been creating websites professionally for over 20 years. RockBase is a theme that specializes in conversion and helps you have a results-oriented mindset. Webdesign is about conversion. Thank you guys!”

Daniel Chohfi

CEO Vitamina Publicitária

“Rockbase is the kind of WordPress theme any content entrepreneur should use. It doesn’t matter if you write content, record a podcast, or just have a personal website. The easiest thing was having all the blocks ready to be edited. That helped me a lot to put together all the pages on my new redesign website.

I think the Rockbase theme just gave WordPress a better position in the creator economy for any content entrepreneur that is serious about their business.

Robert Katai

“Rockbase is a game-changer for online presence—simple, fast, and elegant. It’s not just a theme; it’s a digital launchpad for anyone serious about making an impact.

Brian Clark

“Rockbase is the WordPress theme we’ve all been waiting for! Its intuitive design and robust customization options allowed me to create custom sites in a fraction of the time usually required.

Unlike many cookie-cutter themes, Rockbase offers a unique blend of flexibility and user-friendliness, making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned developers.

Allen Vesterfelt

“I heard about Rockbase long before it was released. BOY was it worth the wait. Not only am I using Rockbase for my own website, I plan on using it for future client sites as well!

So easy to use, full of fun, and sexy as hell! You NEED this WordPress foundation NOW!

Matthew Snider

Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers.

What is a WordPress block theme?

A WordPress block theme is a new generation of themes that fully embrace the WordPress Block Editor, allowing users to easily edit and customize the entire layout of their website—header, footer, and content—directly from the Block Editor. This innovative approach gives users unparalleled flexibility and control, enabling the creation of complex designs without needing to write code.

Rockbase improves the experience through optimized and customizable patterns, unique and beautiful styles, and powerful functions behind the scenes to optimize your creative experience.

How will I receive my theme files?

After checkout you will get access to your Rockbase dashboard. Within your dashboard you can download the theme files, connect with other members of the community, and get support.

Once you have installed the theme you can enter in your license key and get updates right from your WordPress dashboard. Install once, Rock-on forever.

Rockbase is using the Circle platform for hosting the theme files and as a place for all of us to connect.

What version of WordPress is required to use Rockbase?

Rockbase requires WordPress 6.4 or higher.

Can I use the theme on more than one website?

We are glad you want to use Rockbase for everything (good idea).

Your license grants your access to the community and support / updates for the number of sites associated with your purchased plan.

Can I install Rockbase in a local environment?

Yes! Be our guest. We will not count local installs against your allowed installs.

Can I upgrade my plan after purchase?

Yes, of course. Message us from within your dashboard and we will take care of it.

What if I am unhappy with my purchase?

We have a 14 day 100% money back policy. If you purchase Rockbase and are not convinced it is the best WordPress theme out there you can request a refund by filling out the Refund Request Form.

What is the Rockbase community?

We believe that creators are better together. The Rockbase community is a place for you to show of your Rockbase creations, get support, and connect with other creators.

What if I have a question not answered here?

We love questions. Send us an email: [email protected]

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