Rockbase 1.0.0: Hello World!

Rockbase is ready. Are you?

With this version we are releasing our theme into the wild, we can’t wait for you tor try it. It is the best thing we have ever made for WordPress.


  • 100+ Patterns ready for your use (dark and light versions)
  • 24 Global styles
  • 3 Rockbase Playbooks (child themes, but better)
  • Optimized code (lightweight and fast)
  • Scales on all your devices
  • Hand Drawn SVG Pack of creative icons
  • Figma file for Rockbase Core and Playbooks
  • Access to the Rockbase Creator Community
  • Premium Support (when you need it)

Rockbase in the wild!

We didn’t want to release this thing without taking it for a spin ourselves. So, we recently built and launched the new SPI website using Rockbase as the core.

The theme is powerful and the feedback from the SPI team has been amazing. We love hearing how it saves them time and empowers them to have more control over their website.

Rockbase in action on

“With our new Rockbase website, beautiful design is built-in. Any team member can build a page that is aligned with our brand styles—no custom coding skills (and no waiting) required.”

Mindy Peters

Director of Technology, SPI

Product Sustainability

We are in this for the long haul. We took our time creating Rockbase looking for the right moment; where the functionality we want it to have matches what is possible within WordPress core. That moment is now.

But this is only 1.0. We are here to bring in the future of WordPress.

We have crafted our pricing plans to match our goal of supporting our creators for years to come. We wanted to make it affordable while also providing us with the right resources to keep going and give this incredible theme the attention it deserves.

Two Plans (for now)

Solo Creator: Use on one WordPress site. Best suited for a solo creator with one focus.

Serial Creator: Use on up to ten WordPress sites. Best for freelancers and studios that want to use Rockbase for all the things.

If you need more than 10 installs, reach out! We are working on a sustainable way to do unlimited licensing that works for your business model and ours.

Upcoming Features

We are currently working on more patterns and Rockbase Playbooks, but we would love to hear from you if you have ideas. We have a special place in the Rockbase community just for feature requests. This is just the beginning!

Launch Pricing

We don’t typically believe in discounting the things we have created, but this special launch calls for it. Rockbase is at it’s lowest price, ever. You can save up to 34% on the Serial Creator plan.

The launch pricing will end at end of day on March 31, 2024.

Get Rockbase

We have spent thousands of hours hand crafting this theme for you. It is ready for your next WordPress project. We are excited to see what you create!

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Start with Rockbase and get a 100+ hr head start.