Using & activating your license

Now that you have Rockbase installed, let’s add your license key so you can get updates right in your WordPress dashboard.

Important Note!

Your license key is the email address that you use to login to the Rockbase community (the email address you used when purchasing Rockbase).

Activating your license

To input your license key, log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings → RockbaseEnter your license key (the email address you used to sign up for Rockbase) and click Save.

If the activation was successful, you will see a status message that indicates successful activation.

Screenshot of active Rockbase theme license.
Successfully activated license

If your license is no longer active or your subscription has ended you will see the message “Your Rockbase subscription has expired. You are not receiving updates. Please renew to start receiving updates.”

A screenshot of a deactivated Rockbase license.
Your Rockbase license is deactivated.

The Rockbase License

Rockbase is licensed under GPL 3.0

Your license keys gives you access to future updates and support. If your Rockbase subscription lapses your website will remain the same and all current Rockbase functionality will remain in place. You will lose access to the Rockbase community, support, theme updates, and any additional assets or resources attached to your subscription.

If you need to re-activate your license please purchase a new subscription at or contact us and we can help you out.

Start with Rockbase and get a 100+ hr head start.