What’s New

Rockbase is evolving.

  • Rockbase 1.2.0: 4 New Patterns and Sidebar Template

    New Patterns

    We have added 4 new patterns each with an alternate dark color scheme.

    Premium Newsletter Landing Page

    A page pattern for those that want to start or promote a premium newsletter.

    Simple Contact Section

    A great way to let your visitors get in touch!

    Featured Lists

    A great way to show off a timeline or similar.

    Featured Testimonials

    Show off those wonderful things people say about your product.

    Sidebar Template Part

    A new sidebar template part area is now available! You can add content to the sidebar and customize the look. Once you are satisfied with your sidebar you can choose it as the template for a Page or Post.

    Bug Fixes

    • Remove the CTA arrow on smaller screens to stop unwanted scrolling.

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